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June 15th – July 21st

Every Wednesday & Thursday

(12 classes total)


12:30-1p (30 min. session)

AGES 4-7 years old

11:30-12p (30 min. session)

AGES 4-7 years old

1:30-2:15p (45 min. session)

AGES 8-15 years old

12:30-1:15p (45 min. session)

AGES 8-15 years old


These classes seek to foster a sense of adventure, courage and kindness for young aspiring actors and actresses’ ages 4-15 yrs within the Central Texas community. Featuring an array of arts, such as improvisation, storytelling, theatrical movement, and more…! Led by Tiffany Schreiner-Humphrey, founder of Silver Spur Arts Academy with over 20 years experience in movement, yoga, theatre and dance. For more information, visit her web bio at www.intothewildblue.com.


Whole Package (includes all 12 classes) - $180

Individual classes - $18

(Discounts available for siblings)

Please Call Vive Les Arts Box Office 
At 254-526-9090
Tuesday- Friday 9:00am- 5:00pm

Space is limited.




2015-2016 Season







May 23rd & 24th at 6pm

Those auditioning need to come prepared to sing approximately 30 seconds of a song in similar style to the show. There will be a movement audition as well, so come prepared to dance! We will do the reading audition with those called back for call backs.
For this show we will be using accents. Those cast will be taught how to speak in an English accent. When auditioning, we will listen to reading auditions both in an accent (or attempted accent!) and in the actors' natural speaking voice.

We Support Our Troops!

Join us for Military Appreciation Night, open to all active duty, retired and dependents with current military ID card!




Disney's Camp Rock**

Thursday, May 5th (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, May 6th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, May 7th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, May 8th (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, May 9th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, May 10th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, May 11th (12:45p-4:30p)


Aladdin (Missoula #1)**

Saturday, June 11th (1:45p-4:45p)


Mary Poppins**

Thursday, July 21st (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, July 22nd (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, July 23rd (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, July 24th (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, July 29th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, July 30th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, July 31st (12:45p-4:30p)


The Knight at Dawn**

Friday, August 5th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, August 6th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, August 7th (12:45p-4:30p)


Peter & Wendy (Missoula #2)**

Saturday, August 20th (1:45p-4:45p)




**You must have completed a mandatory volunteer training at VLA before you can sign up to volunteer for shows** 




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KPLE-TV Airing dates
Friday 13th at 6pm & Wednesday 18th at 12pm


Story of Scrooge

KNCT December 17th at 8pm
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Boeing, Boeing

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Smokey Joe's Cafe

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Legends Motown

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The Nerd

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We Appreciate Your Support!

Seeking Part-Time Costume Designer

Vive Les Arts Theatre is seeking a part-time costume designer.  Please submit cover letter and resume to vla@vlakilleen.org.



Duties of a Costume Designer

  • study the script
  • discuss ideas with the production designer, director, and make-up, set and lighting designers
  • create costume ideas to fit the production’s design concept and budget
  • research suitable costume styles, fabrics and designs
  • sketch costume designs
  • give instructions to costume makers, who would turn your sketches into real garments.

On smaller productions, you might also carry out some of the practical tasks, such as:

  • managing the wardrobe budget
  • buying or hiring outfits
  • fitting, altering and adapting costumes
  • cleaning, ironing and mending
  • making sure that wardrobe items are available at the right time
  • keeping the look of the costumes the same between shoots or scenes.

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