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VLA is excited to offer a 4 part Acting Workshop for adults (16 and up) taught by Brandon Wentz. VLA patrons may remember Brandon as Robert in our production of Boeing Boeing. Brandon has his MFA in acting and has taught performance at a number of colleges and in professional workshops across the country.


The dates for these workshops will be:

Monday February 22nd 6:00-7:00pm – Session 1

Monday February 29th 6:00-7:00pm – Session 2

Monday March 7th 6:00-7:00pm – Session 3

Monday March 14th 6:00-7:00pm – Session 4


Each section of the workshop will focus on a different aspect of acting which will build upon another from session to session.


You may sign up for an individual class or sign up for all 4 as a package.


Individual classes will be $25 per participant or you can sign up for all 4 classes for $80.


These classes are designed to help actors of all skill levels;  ranging from those who have never set foot on stage but have always wanted to dip there toe into the acting pool - to those who have held the spotlight for years.   


To book a spot in the Acting Workshop please contact Vive Les Arts Box Office at 254-526-9090


2015-2016 Season







February 22nd & 23rd


Comic havoc visits VLA!

“THE NERD” by Larry Shue

The action centers on the dilemma of a young architect who is visited by a man he’s never met 

but who saved his life in Vietnam. The visitor is a hero, however his awkward manner, 

inappropriate behavior and complete lack of social skills throws this homecoming into a comic 

shambles. The “Nerd” is that dreaded house guest who will not leave and outstays his welcome 

with gusto. 

The director of this production is not requiring a memorized prepared piece. Small pieces of the 

play text will be provided for the auditioning participants.  Direction is given along the way and 

participants need not fear that they will in any way be embarrassed.  Though the selection 

process does imply some competition, the process is made as pleasant as possible. This 

collaboration will embrace non-traditional and color blind casting. The character of Rick 

Steadman will require a Wisconsin dialect….A “Fargo” like feel. 


Auditions will be held on February 22nd and 23rd at the theatre

-Beginning at 6:30 PM

-Production dates: April 7-10, 15-17


WILLUM (male, 30-40)-likable and sincere, he needs some gumption. He is in love with Tansy.

TANSY (female, 30-40) Bubbly and wry, driving for career success.

AXEL (male, 30-40) Dry, wise-cracking, irreverent, a little too full of himself. 

WARNOCK (male, 40-60) Stern, and successful businessman totally lacking in imagination. 

CLELIA (female, 30-50) High-strung almost stressed to her breaking point.

THOR (male, 7-12) Overactive, a brat who is an irrepressible young monster.

RICK (male, 30-50) A hero but tactless and aggravating, he means well, the nerd.









Mitchie Torres
A familiar face and veteran at Camp Rock. She falls for Shane. Talented, smart, outspoken.
Gender: Female
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Mezzo-soprano/alto


Caitlyn Geller
A future record mogul, Caitlyn is quirky and gifted. Mitchie's best friend.
Gender: Female
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Mezzo-soprano

Margaret (Peggy) Depree
Won Final Jam last year. A loyal camp rocker
Gender: Female
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Mezzo-soprano


Tess Tyler
The daughter of pop star T.J. Tyler, Tess is Camp Rock's snobby diva.
Gender: Female
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Mezzo-soprano


Dana Turner

Axel Turner's daughter and Nate's love interest. A talented musician embarrassed by her father. Sweet, sincere. Plays piano, or ability to fake it convincingly

Gender: Female

Age: 12 to 18*

Vocal range: Mezzo-soprano

Ella Pador

A longtime Camp Rocker, she is very interested in fashion and costume designs.

Gender: Female

Age: 12 to 18*

Vocal range: Mezzo-soprano

Rosie Day

The new girl at Camp Rock, Rosie is eager to be a part of everything, and does all she can to save Camp Rock.

Gender: Female

Age: 12 to 18*



Shane Gray
The youngest and most charismatic member of the Connect 3 band. Shane is the lead singer and Mitchie's love interest.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Tenor


Nate Gray
The middle brother of the Connect 3 band. A shy drummer who falls for Dana.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Tenor

Jason Gray
The oldest member and brother of the Connect 3 band. A comical, easy-going guitar player.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal range: Tenor

Barron James
A hip-hop dancer and Sander's best friend. The goofy partner in crime.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*

Sander Loya
Barron's best friend and partner in crime. The brains of the mischievous duo.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*

Andy Hosten
The quintessential drummer from Camp Rock. Cool and chill.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*

Luke Williams
A big talent with an ego to match.
Gender: Male
Age: 12 to 18*
Vocal Range: Baritone


Brown Cesario
A former rock star and the new owner of Camp Rock. Brown cares about keeping the integrity of the camp intact. Passionate, musical, kind-hearted.
Gender: Male
Age: Adult*

Axel Turner
Founder of Camp Star. A former rock star himself, he is Brown's nemesis and Dana's father. Competitive, ruthless, delusional.
Gender: Male
Age: Adult*


Georgina Farlow
A reality television host hired by Axel to host the "Final Jam." Slick, enthusiastic, a hot-shot.
Gender: Female
Age: older teen/adult*



Camp Rockers; Star Campers


*Ages specified depict the ages of the character, not the age of the actor.




May 23rd & 24th


We Support Our Troops!

Join us for Military Appreciation Night, open to all active duty, retired and dependents with current military ID card!




Smokey Joe's Cafe**

Thursday, February 18th (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, February 19th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, February 20th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, February 21st (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, February 26th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, February 27th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, February 28th (12:45p-4:30p)


Legends: Motown**

Friday, April 1st (5:00p-11:00p)

Saturday, April 2nd (9a-2p), (3p-8p), (8p-1a)


The Nerd**

Thursday, April 7th (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, April 8th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, April 9th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, April 10th (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, April 15th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, April 16th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, April 17th (12:45p-4:30p)


Disney's Camp Rock**

Thursday, May 5th (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, May 6th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, May 7th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, May 8th (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, May 9th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, May 10th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, May 11th (12:45p-4:30p)


Aladdin (Missoula #1)**

Saturday, June 11th (1:45p-4:45p)


Mary Poppins**

Thursday, July 21st (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, July 22nd (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, July 23rd (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, July 24th (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, July 29th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, July 30th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, July 31st (12:45p-4:30p)


The Knight at Dawn**

Friday, August 5th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, August 6th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, August 7th (12:45p-4:30p)


Peter & Wendy (Missoula #2)**

Saturday, August 20th (1:45p-4:45p)




**You must have completed a mandatory volunteer training at VLA before you can sign up to volunteer for shows** 




Killeen Daily Herald - Article

Killeen Daily Herald - Video

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Killeen Daily Herald - Article




KPLE-TV Airing dates
Friday 13th at 6pm & Wednesday 18th at 12pm


Story of Scrooge

KNCT December 17th at 8pm
Killeen Daily Herald - Article


Boeing, Boeing

Killeen Daily Herald - Article

We Appreciate Your Support!

Seeking Part-Time Costume Designer

Vive Les Arts Theatre is seeking a part-time costume designer.  Please submit cover letter and resume to vla@vlakilleen.org.



Duties of a Costume Designer

  • study the script
  • discuss ideas with the production designer, director, and make-up, set and lighting designers
  • create costume ideas to fit the production’s design concept and budget
  • research suitable costume styles, fabrics and designs
  • sketch costume designs
  • give instructions to costume makers, who would turn your sketches into real garments.

On smaller productions, you might also carry out some of the practical tasks, such as:

  • managing the wardrobe budget
  • buying or hiring outfits
  • fitting, altering and adapting costumes
  • cleaning, ironing and mending
  • making sure that wardrobe items are available at the right time
  • keeping the look of the costumes the same between shoots or scenes.

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