2015-2016 Season

We Support Our Troops!

Join us for Military Appreciation Night, open to all active duty, retired and dependents with current military ID card!



Young Frankenstein**

Thursday, October 15th (5:45p-9:30p)

Friday, October 16th (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, October 17th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, October 18th (12:45p-4:30p)

Friday, October 23rd (5:45p-9:30p)

Saturday, October 24th (5:45p-9:30p)

Sunday, October 25th (12:45p-4:30p)


**You must have completed a mandatory volunteer training at VLA before you can sign up to volunteer for shows** 




Killeen Daily Herald - Article

Killeen Daily Herald - Video

Seeking Part-Time Costume Designer

Vive Les Arts Theatre is seeking a part-time costume designer.  Please submit cover letter and resume to vla@vlakilleen.org.



Duties of a Costume Designer

  • study the script
  • discuss ideas with the production designer, director, and make-up, set and lighting designers
  • create costume ideas to fit the production’s design concept and budget
  • research suitable costume styles, fabrics and designs
  • sketch costume designs
  • give instructions to costume makers, who would turn your sketches into real garments.

On smaller productions, you might also carry out some of the practical tasks, such as:

  • managing the wardrobe budget
  • buying or hiring outfits
  • fitting, altering and adapting costumes
  • cleaning, ironing and mending
  • making sure that wardrobe items are available at the right time
  • keeping the look of the costumes the same between shoots or scenes.

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