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Monday, December 7th  6:30pm

Tuesday, December 8th  6:30pm



The Smile-High Club Comes to Vive Les Arts!

“BOEING BOEING” by Marc Camoletti


It is the Swinging Sixties and successful bachelor Bernard is even more successful with the ladies. In fact, he juggles the hearts of three air hostesses. Bouncing from one beautiful stewardess to another, keeping one up, one down and one pending. Love is in the air, but fasten your seatbelts because in this 2008 Tony Award winner, bliss is about to go into a comedic tailspin!

The director of this production is not requiring a memorized prepared piece. Text from the play will be provided for the auditioning participants.  Direction is given along the way and participants need not fear that they will in any way be embarrassed.  Though the selection process does imply some competition, the process is made as pleasant as possible. This collaboration will embrace non-traditional and color blind casting. All possibilities of appropriate dialects will be explored.


Auditions will be held on December 7th and 8th  at Vive Les Arts Theatre.

-Beginning at 6:30 PM

-First rehearsal will be Wednesday, December 9th (Headshots will be taken)



Bernard (30's) An American swinging bachelor. A ladies man who thinks he has the fairer sex completely figured out. Handsome, energetic, flirtatious and charming.

Gloria (20s to 30s) The American fiancée, she is a passionate, smart and assertive woman with an upbeat disposition. A stewardess. Cheerleader type.

Robert (mid 20 to mid 30s) Bernard’s old college friend from Wisconsin. A fish out of water, unsure of how to act around Bernard’s beautiful women and tangled secrets. Naive to the romantic side of life. From mid-west where life is much slower. Somewhat nerdy or inept.

Gabriella (20-30s) The Italian fiancée, has the fiery passion of an Italian woman with a casual sensuality. A stewardess. Sentimental, lusty, very smart and suspicious.

Gretchen (20-30s) The German fiancée, blessed with an aggressive nature. At any moment, she could make love to you or fight you.

Berthe (Age Open) Bernard’s long-suffering housekeeper. She is very dry, very direct. 

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Seeking Part-Time Costume Designer

Vive Les Arts Theatre is seeking a part-time costume designer.  Please submit cover letter and resume to vla@vlakilleen.org.



Duties of a Costume Designer

  • study the script
  • discuss ideas with the production designer, director, and make-up, set and lighting designers
  • create costume ideas to fit the production’s design concept and budget
  • research suitable costume styles, fabrics and designs
  • sketch costume designs
  • give instructions to costume makers, who would turn your sketches into real garments.

On smaller productions, you might also carry out some of the practical tasks, such as:

  • managing the wardrobe budget
  • buying or hiring outfits
  • fitting, altering and adapting costumes
  • cleaning, ironing and mending
  • making sure that wardrobe items are available at the right time
  • keeping the look of the costumes the same between shoots or scenes.

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